"THUSO EDUCATION FUND (TEF) was founded by the trustees missionary Jill Kinsey, Mé Ester Shai (in Lesotho) and Hanna Singh (in Portugal) in February 2018 to provide a  gateway out of poverty for the orphans of the Pulane Children's Centre. The  Fund provides financial help for academically gifted children who otherwise could not  make it through the formal school system in order to be admitted to High School (HS is paid on a bursary if the child is an orphan.) By the end of this school year 5 youngsters had graduated from high school and 2 passed their final exams at Bethel Vocational School and 3 promising youngsters are waiting for their admission papers to the training academy in 2020.

We thank all artists who have agreed to donate 10% of their sales to these orphans to brighten their future. Thank you!"

Works for sale are unframed, and include Postage & Packaging.
Payment accepted by PayPal, and CTT (Portugal)
Copyright Law protects the original works exhibited here

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